Delivery of Systems using Procession

Delivery of new systems to handle distribution of Water our World (WoW)
humanitarian funds using Procession Technology Limited (PTL)

Plans and agreements are in place to use the well proven innovative software owned by PTL to build all systems to manage with full accountability the distribution of the WoW funds. As part of this agreement WoW will own 20% of PTL. This PTL software is recognised as “Intelligent Automation” which not only enables rapid build with support for future change but also enables automation of routine tasks with full audit trail of who did what when. A full explanation of how this works is available here

Implementation Plan
In recognition of the global distribution requirements a contract for supply of infrastructure will be set up with an appropriate supplier such as AWS. The build of the systems will be allocated to PTL who will contract one of their partners to build the systems.
The software uses the Oracle database ensuring scalability. The initial build of systems will focus on tracking enquires for use of funds and setting up approval processes. This will be followed by managing the distribution and spend of funds by recipients. The system will support what is called a shared service which will give the WoW global partners the same system customised as required. This approach will allow WoW to track globally and locally activity in use of the funds. The information/data created will be fed into appropriate local accounting systems to support required formal accounts.