Company Profile

Company Profile and Objectives
Water our World Limited (WoW) is a UK based Company established in 2009. Its key objective is to fund and manage infrastructure projects globally with a focus on water and humanitarian projects.
The vision was created by David J G Martyn who together with the aid of many key associates have identified existing, new and suppressed technology solutions to improve humanity and are now prepared for the distribution of these humanitarian funds via the implementation of these and other new technologies.

The Water Challenge
Whilst addressing the urgent need to solve developing and developed world water infrastructure needs WoW has also identified the need, prior to project implementation, for research and feasibility studies to be carried out on these new and existing innovations in the water industry. This will ensure successful outcomes of all humanitarian projects which WoW will support globally.
WoW has identified many locations in the world where there is little to no potable water available resulting in serious sanitation problems. Presenting problems such as dehydration, cholera, water borne parasites, food shortages, hunger, unsanitary or even no medical facilities for the treatment of the diseased and sick. Such conditions exist right across the world. (Africa, South East Asia, South America, Pacific Rim, Indonesia, India, Russia and China. WoW also recognise that these and similar conditions can occur in developed countries.
Without a simple and effective means to provide clean and sanitary medical facilities and clean water there is little hope for breaking this deadly cycle.

Existing and suppressed technologies
For many years, WoW has been amassing knowledge about water/sanitation technology solutions and researching licence agreements utilising existing and suppressed technologies, in anticipation of the forthcoming funding opportunity. The following is the anticipated use of these funds:

  • Water for towns and Cities - Purify & disinfect rural and municipal water supplies, including provision of disinfections/treatment of domestic water.
  • Petro-Chemistry - Preparation of hydro lubrication solutions in oil/gas drilling.
  • Disaster Relief- Mobile water provision during disaster relief situations.
  • Medical - Provision of sterilisation/disinfection solutions for clinical use.
  • Hospital Uses - Treatment of cuts, burns, and scalds, plus enhanced kidney dialysis treatments.
  • Treat sewage - Using existing and new technologies.
  • Mobile - Purification solutions for contaminated wells, rivers, streams, ponds, etc.
  • Agriculture - Applying to crops, can eliminate fungi, root diseases, and improve crop yields.
  • Food Production – Elimination of salmonella in poultry and egg production and will also prevent the spread of diseases among cattle, poultry and swine.
  • Food Preservation - Washing & preservation of fresh produce, providing longer shelf life.
  • Farming – Help to eliminate hog & chicken lagoons.
  • Environment - Improving Landfill treatment plants. Elimination of toxins from water sources.
  • Fishing Industry - Eliminate harmful bacteria and diseases that impact marine (fish) life.

Delivery of Projects

WoW will be responsible for overseeing the setting up and managing, in each region/country, a local legal entity/organisation with their own Water Our World company structure and management teams. Each region will follow clearly defined goals and objectives as set out by WoW. Whilst the primary focus will be water-based technologies, recognising that other humanitarian infrastructure projects to create sustainable communities can be assited, these will be researched and funded as appropriate.

Relationships with existing organisations/charities that already support humanitarian initiatives will be explored, established and funded to avoid duplication of effort. This approach should accelerate the distribution of the funds and projects. Likewise, communications will be established with National and Local Governments to
explore support for appropriate local and national projects.

WoW will establish systems and procedures, global and local, that will ensure full accountability by all concerned regarding the use of all the funds.